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Restaurant launches eye-catching Instagram menu
This dish is on the Instagram menu.(Credit:Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET)Comodo in New York City is serving a heaping side of Instagram along with its swordfish ceviche,neverwinter power leveling, seared duck breast, and poblano pepper pasta. The restaurant has decided to embrace all the Instagram users who snap pictures of their food after it's delivered to the table.Comodo's Instagram menu is gathered together under the #comodomenu hashtag. Currently, 55 user-submitted photos pop up showing the dishes in various lighting conditions. Seeing the photos may help sway your dining decision one way or another. Comodo is expecting customers to make their menu decisions based on dish recommendations from their Instagram friends or from the sheer visual power of the food. Related storiesFacebook cleared to acquire InstagramInstacube: A digital photo frame for Instagram hipstersDiners are encouraged to add to the Instagram collection and share comments about the food. Few restaurants put photos on their menus, so this is a clever way to share the visuals without cluttering up the menu itself. Most of the photos look pretty darn appetizing, though a few oddballs have snuck in under the hashtag. There's a photo of a lone banana and a mirror shot of some guy. Hopefully, Comodo's competition won't try to hijack the hashtag with photos from Waffle House or McDonald's.
Restaurant launches eye-catching Instagram menu

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Pre-Marketing: Pandit fallout - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blogTerm Sheet,neverwinter power leveling
* Felix Salmon: When bank boards flex their muscles* Say what Maria? Bartiromo's bizarre Pandit theory* Big deal: Chipmaker ASML buying Cymer for $2.5 billion* Steven Davidoff: Dodd-Frank is better than the alternatives* Morning Call: U.S. futures steady, European shares rise and the Nikkei climbs.* Data: Q3 VC funding* Rob Day: Cleantech angel lessons* Walt Mossberg: Windows 8 review* Tax code coddling: Dividend recaps on the rise* Nobel follow-up: Marriage as an economic problem* David Bernstein: The real story behind "women in binders"* Bath salts: Deutsche banker's LAPD run-in explanation* Larry Swedroe: Hedge funds performance continues to lag* Mike Greenfield: Why developers aren't interested in your startup* Get Term Sheet: Sign up for our daily email on deals & deal-makers* Locking up the teenage vote: French president moves to ban homeworkPosted in: Pre-marketing
Pre-Marketing: Pandit fallout - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blogTerm Sheet

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Donation makes a purchase Royal Company time to obtain new idea
The Divin Institution received an confidential £4.4m donation to help relieve its economical troubles. It shows that one of the son scientific organizations in the world can certainly hang on for its home for Mayfair, London, for a bit yet. All the institution, formed in 1799 to make sure you link scientific research with better society, has been around difficulty for decades. In July, the charitable trust said it ended up being considering merchandising its 20 Albemarle Street your home because of its hurdles. In a statement, your organisation's chairman, Mister Richard Sykes, says: "This donation is really timely which will clear the RI's loan company debt, in addition to giving u . s . the space to explore additional options more perfectly." This guy stressed nonetheless that the organisation's situation financially was not likely resolved. Associates are also to be informed about the latest endeavors in preparing a new ideas for the N increa. This is being driven by the Near future Direction Committee, chaired by the Labor peer Head of the family Winston and comes with Professor Bob Cox and the Us president of the Regal Society, Lecturer Sir Paul Nurse . The N increa ran into difficulties as a result of a board's decision over ago to help you re-fit its 1700s building,eq2 power leveling, and gives an upmarket eating venue and standard on the site. The £22m venture was created to help have more people to all the institution and even promote its work. The program failed and also built up an important multi-million-pound debt that resulted in the RI sacking the then boss, Baroness Susan Greenfield. Various notable people have worked around the Royal Establishment, including Meters Faraday. The operation provided the actual setting to get much of the published information by Mr Faraday that led to the useful exploitation of electricity. Follow Pallab on Twits
Donation purchases Royal University time to uncover new idea


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